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About Us

"Don’t just donate. Direct your donation to the relevant recipient."

Every blessed human being has a kind side and wants to help the less fortunate ones. But quite often they don’t know where to start and how to find the right NGO.

SevaDeep is a user-friendly platform to connect donors with NGOs. On this platform you can donate used or new items such as furniture, appliances or clothes etc to an NGO of your choice. SevaDeep does not accept cash, only physical goods.
A thorough screening of recipient NGOs ensures that only genuine organizations are on-boarded. Once you make a donation, the system keeps track of the entire cycle from start to finish, thereby updating members on the outcome.

The portal is eventually envisaged to grow into a pan Indian eco-system that will encourage and enhance a culture of giving through sheer multiplier effect.

SevaDeep is an initiative of the Pune-based Relfor Foundation, a CSR wing of Relfor Lab Pvt. Ltd. In keeping with the company’s vision “Innovate to a make better tomorrow,” the CSR focuses on upgrading quality of life, increasing income levels and bringing lasting change through infrastructure development.

To find out more about the Relfor Foundation, log onto www.relfor.com